our founders




 Sakina Issa, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

"I first pursued marriage and family therapy after realizing the importance of family influence on an individual’s development while growing up. When I saw the lack of awareness there is on the subject in my own community, I was determined to help others understand the importance of healthy relationships. Through obtaining my Masters at the University of Central Florida, I was able to further my understanding of family dynamics and the impact they have on a child’s upbringing.


The E.L.O. deck uses affirmations as a stepping stone to educate parents on the importance of teaching children to have a healthy growth mindset. The concepts introduced will guide parents to raise resilient children who are reminded that they are a gift to those around them, while still keeping them grounded.  As a parent, I have used affirmations with my own children and have found them to be essential in my children’s mental development."


 Maggie Hindia, Creative Director 

"As an artist, I have a natural love for beautiful things. Some may say I turned my passion into a career, and I think they are right.


With my multilingual and diverse upbringing, I was exposed to a range of cultures, exploring Arabic art to Polish music. I have a deep understanding of mediums and how to translate a message into a visual asset. Plus, it is always lovely to hear my kids call me the best designer in the world - kids don't lie, so...


Designing E.L.O. was extremely meaningful to me, especially as a mom of two little ones. I am surprised by my kids' creativity, imagination, and resiliency every day. I love that this resource allows me to be their support system while watching them grow independently, and at the same time, share stories as we learn from each other!"


 Ferwa Chevel Khalfan, Social Strategist

"I firmly believe that the way we approach our everyday lives can affect our community at large and bring a positive change, internally and externally. The three of us joined forces, based on this foundational belief, to create E.L.O.


Living a balanced life has long been a goal, passion, and method I have always worked towards. It’s never a straight road, but I am always intrigued to learn more. I have found that it is rooted in values such as self-respect and compassion, but above all, mental wellbeing! I created ARISTOS, an online lifestyle magazine, as a result of this journey. Even as we rebrand, the goal remains to provide the tools and inspiration for self-improvement and positive mental health. 


E.L.O. was the natural next step into creating an inspirational and valuable resource that does not already exist out there! I am so excited for families and communities to enjoy incorporating this into their daily routine."